Proven is the #Future of Work

Freelancing platforms are a major part of the 'gig-economy' and serve a crucial role in connecting employers with Contract workers. However, the existing business models and practice have a lot to be desired.

That's why we launched PROVEN. Every facet of our service was built with the Freelancer and Employer in mind and solves a lot of the major pain points around communication, transparency and quality.


We live and breathe by these three core principles.


Every freelancer on our platform is pre-vetted for quality. High standards when it comes to hiring translates into a higher success rate for both the employer and the freelancer.


Our pricing is simple and clear. We charge a fixed % of the Invoice as our fees. Other than that there are no fees and we do not favour one freelancer over the other.

Open Communication

One you have made a connection with the Freelancer, you can communicate via email, Phone or invite the freelancer to your Slack or Teams workspace.

Our Freelancers have previously worked for some of the best companies in the world