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4 fun activity ideas to keep a remote team engaged and happy.
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4 fun activity ideas to keep a remote team engaged and happy.

Are you new to managing a remote team? You are not the only one. Remote working is here to stay, so the more you learn about dealing with people remotely, the better. Find out the best virtual employee engagement ideas!

August 28, 2021

List of virtual employee engagement ideas

1) Tiny campfire 🔥

2) Post Cute Pictures of Pets Channel

3) Invite Them to Play Multiplayer Games

4) Remote Storytelling Workshops & Training

Tiny campfire 🔥

Tiny Campfires became a very popular virtual game for remote teams as it somehow resembles a real camping experience. Chances are that among your team there are several s'more enthusiasts. If so, this idea will be incredibly engaging. You can include ghost stories, small talks, jokes, etc.

Before the campfire activity, send your team ingredients and a tealight candle.

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Post Cute Pictures of Pets Channel

Everyone loves dogs and cats. They're are everywhere! A great way to create engagement with your remote team is to encourage them to talk about a very important member of their family...their pet!

You can create a Slack channel dedicated to sharing pets' pictures, memes, and Giphys. It's so much fun and requires so little effort that it's totally worth it

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Invite Them to Play Multiplayer Games

This is the go-to for team building. There are endless options for online activities and games so your team gets to know each other and build honest and genuine connections.

Here are some of the most common ideas:

Board Games



Guessing games

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Remote Storytelling Workshops and Training

Not everyone is good at talking in public and expressing their ideas. That's why some freelancers find online meetings nerve-racking and quite upsetting. If you really want to engage with your remote team, you should invest in helping them to explain their ideas in a simple and straightforward way. This won't only show interest in their talent but improve your team productivity.


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