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Best Communication tools to manage remote teams
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Best Communication tools to manage remote teams

The key of every successful online communication tool is its user friendliness yet complexity to be useful for cross functional teams. Learn here which tool fit your business best.

Deepak Lalit
August 28, 2021

A list of the top communication tools for Remote teams

A ton of companies started to work fully remotely after the COVID19 outbreak, now even after most people are vaccinated they are still working from home and there's a reason for that. Employees save commuting time, parents can spend more time with their children, companies save money on office spaces and by hiring remote talent. Yet, one of the most challenging parts of working remote is communication.

Effective communication is a skill people learn throughout the years, and some are better than others. Now, imagine having to rely on complex or out of date softwares to keep fulfilling your tasks. Think about your workmate who's always confused, even after having their boss sitting next to them. We have chosen the best and most efficient communication tools that even your confused workmate will find easy to use.


After the covid19 outbreak, Zoom boomed into what it is today: the go-to tool for virtual meetings, webinars and conferences as it's super user friendly. You can also record it for later, for training purposes for example. Imagine a world without tools like zoom? It makes communication so much easier as you can have a meeting from any mobile device.

On Zoom you can:

  • Record
  • Schedule
  • Breakout rooms
  • Screensharing
  • Unlimited meetings

Best for: Long meetings for large groups.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is very similar to Zoom, but with the advantage that you can integrate it with other Microsoft tools. That is if you are from the Microsoft team. Yet, if you are not used to the slightly engineering interface that Microsoft offer, it might feel as little user friendly.

On Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Chat with other team members
  • Schedule meetings
  • Tag and notify
  • Audio call

Best for: People who are used to working with Microsoft


A big applause for the communication tool of the decade. Slack came to the game and knocked it out of the park. This the ultimate easy to use software for communication yet created among cross functional teams. You can create several workspaces and in each workspace you can have channels as hashtags. For example, you can have #marketing #design #UX #Ops #Copy #sales #general #thecoolgang etc...

Slack is mainly a chat tool, so when you send a message, it will notify the receiver. All messages are easily searchable and you can create threads, to follow up on specific messages. There's no room for mess with Slack.

On Slack you can:

  • Create separate channels
  • Share files
  • Create threads
  • Integrate plugins
  • One line messaging

Best For: Everyone! Remote teams work great as communication is easy and the tool is very user friendly.


Skype has been around for quite a while now. But, after the pandemic, it took off and became fundamental for many remote teams. You can have voice and video chats and the communication quality is very high. Also, it's very likely most of your team members are already familiar with the tool.

On Skype you can:

  • Message and video call
  • Easily find people
  • High quality video chat

Best for: People not familiar with the most recent communication tools.

Deepak Lalit

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