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Best places to hire freelance Bubble Developers

Best places to hire freelance Bubble Developers

A list of places where you can hire top Bubble.io and other no-code developers.

Deepak Lalit
July 13, 2021

Best places to hire freelance Bubble Developers

The 'No-Code' revolution has taken the tech world by storm. Bubble is one of the top no-code platforms which allow you to create powerful web apps without knowledge of coding. Here's a list of places where you can hire Bubble Freelancers and Developers:

1) Niche Freelancing Websites:

In addition to the mainstream freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Toptal. There are several niche websites, which specifically focus on technology talent, developers and experts in no-code development tools. Some of the top places to hire bubble developers and other no-code experts are Nucode (Nucode.co), Codemap (Codemap.io) and Makerpad (experts.makerpad.co). These platforms are smaller in size but operate like the bigger freelancing platforms where you will be able to post your job and get proposals in return for a small fee for the platform to facilitate the connection.

Pros: Using a hiring/freelancer marketplace to provides you with some level of assurance in the quality of the freelancer (e.g. if the freelancer has been vetted by the platform, or has publicly available reviews or testimonials). Using a platform also provides you with some protection in terms of the delivery (e.g. you can create milestones and the money can be in escrow until services are delivered). If there are any disputes with regards to the quality of service, the platform can step in to mediate any issues.
Cons: Since bubble is a relatively niche technology, the number of freelancers available on some of  the platforms may not be large enough for you to get a good range of proposals. Some of the platforms (particularly the ones focused on no-code are startups themselves and may not have the tools and processes to ensure high quality of service.

2) Bubble Dev Agencies:

A great way to hire top quality talent which are Bubble experts are looking at the Development Agencies listed on the Bubble website . There are over 200 agencies now listed, ranging all the way from solopreneurs and single member agencies to larger dev shops with multiple employees and expertise in various aspects of application design as well as development. Several of these agencies have been developing bubble applications for many years and offer additional resources (Courses, 1-1 Sessions, Newsletters) in addition to development services. Some of the top agencies in this field are Million Labs, [MVP.dev](http://mvp.dev), AirDev, Zeroqode and Copilot amongst many more.

Pros: Agencies provide a more 'professional' level of service than a sole freelancer. Agencies would typically have a wider pool of expert talent in each field of product development (designers, developers, backend/frontend specialists etc) to make sure that your project is completed to a high quality. The pricing and terms would also be clearer when working with an Agency.
Cons: Agency pricing is typically substantially more expensive than a sole freelancer. You can expect to pay a premium of 50-100% when hiring a Dev agency versus hiring a freelancer to complete the same project.

3) Bubble Forum:

Another great way to hire freelance bubble experts is by posting on the Bubble forum. There is a specific category within the forum called 'Jobs/Freelance'  - where you can post your job requirements and invite proposals and messages from freelancers and agencies across the world. The posts on this category on the forum typically have between 3-5 responses in addition to the direct messages you can expect to get from available freelancers.

Pro: You can expect to hear from people who are not only skilled at bubble, but also who are currently available to complete your project. A major benefit of using the Forum is that you can check the user's profile ( to see how many times they have posted on the forum, replied to other posts, how long they have been using bubble and if they have released any plugins) to get a sense of their experience with the platform.
Cons: There is little to no standardization when it comes to hiring on the Bubble Forum. You would have to agree terms and scope with each candidate individually.

4) Social Media Platforms:

Social media platforms (particularly LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit) can also be a very effective way to hire Bubble or no-code developers, particularly if the requirements that you have are unique. E.g. if you are looking for a developer with expertise in a particular sector, or are looking to hire someone on a non-standard payment terms (e.g. offering cash + equity in return for the development work). There are a couple of ways you can go about this

4a) By creating a post and asking your network for recommendations. Make sure to add additional keywords and hashtags to ensure that the post has the maximum visibility possible. Potential freelancers who are looking for work often search for these hashtags to find companies that are hiring. You can also create the posts within specific groups (e.g. member groups on facebook and linkedin) to get additional visibility and proposals.

4b) Using Advanced search functionality to search for profiles with the relevant skills and titles and sending them direct messages. E.g. You can use twitter and linkedin to search for people who have [bubble.is](http://bubble.is) listed as a skill set, and are based in a particular location.

Pro: You can find a perfect match for exactly what you are looking for.
Cons: Similar to hiring on the Forums, this outbound approach has no standardization when it comes to hiring. You would have to agree terms and scope with each candidate individually.

Deepak Lalit

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