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How much should I pay for logo design?

How much should I pay for logo design?

This article covers the different options you have when it comes to getting a Logo and branding designed for your business. We look at the different places where you can go to get your logo designed and how much you can expect to pay.

Deepak Lalit
July 2, 2021

How much should you pay for logo design?‍

A logo is not just a symbol of business identity - it tells the story of your company, builds trust, and establishes a connection with your audience. But how much should you pay for a logo design?As you would expect there isn’t a definitive answer to it. You can get a logo designed for every price point. In this post, we’ll lay out what you can get- or not get- within your budget, and help you choose an approach that best suits your logo needs.Broadly speaking, you can get your logo designed within three budget tiers -

1. Basic (<$100),

2. Best Value ($150-$800) and

3. High End ( $800+).

And while the end result is always a “logo” (and/or branding guidelines) and may appear similar to an untrained eye, the difference is in the process and the work that goes in.

Basic logos(<$100)

Online freelance marketplaces have a lot of freelancers who might be able to create a logo for a fixed price ‘gig’ under 100$. These gigs are usually for generating a logo as opposed to designing it. You can expect to receive a generic logo generated using stock icons and fonts, in a short time, and may be allowed 1-2 revisions. If you are really tight on budget and time, and not opposed to a generic design, this option may be best suited for you. But do not expect a logo that makes you stand out from competition, or tells a brand story to connect with your users.

Best value ($150-$800)

For this price range, you can get a custom logo designed by a freelance designer, who would take the time to understand your brand, the story of the company and business needs, create multiple iterations based on your input and provide you with a comprehensive logo solution with logo variations, and complete brand style guide. This option should get you a well-designed logo that represents your business professionally and connects with your audience. The toughest part however, is to find the right freelance designer. There are a lot of freelance designers out there with a wide range of experience, multiple price points and varied quality of work. You ideally want an experienced designer, with professional experience, client testimonials and a rich portfolio. If they come pre-vetted, it’s even better.

High End (>$800)

If you are a well resourced company looking for a complete branding package, you are best placed to hire a design agency where you can work with a team of designers on a complete brand strategy, including logo design. Whether you go for a generic logo generator, freelance designer or an agency, make sure to agree on exactly what you are getting for your money. Here are a couple of things you should have a clear agreement on:Multiple high resolution formats, including vector formats for printing, and web-optimized formats for social media, online and digital needs.Full legal copyright and ownershipNumber of variationsNumber of revisions, if applicable

Deepak Lalit

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