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The best Project Management tools for managing a remote team

The best Project Management tools for managing a remote team

There are several project management tools available for teams. We will review the most popular ones so you can choose according to your remote team size, sector and type of project. Here are the best remote project management tools of 2021

Deepak Lalit
August 13, 2021

Which of these project management tools is best for your team ?

In the Post-Covid world, remote working has become the norm for many ( particularly those in the Services and Digital industries). In addition - a lot more people are choosing to work independently (as a freelancer, or a creator), and increasingly working from home. It is more important than ever for business leaders to use project management tools to make sure that you keep yourself and your team accountable.

Best for getting started: Asana

Asana is basically a ticket system. It allows you team to create projects and organize them in sections. You can add small steps in each section, and every time a task is completed, the project moves forward until it's fully completed. You can manage your remote team by ensuring they're meeting deadlines and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

It's perfect to set priorities, working with small to medium teams and anticipate issues. It let you add several collaborators and projects. You can also integrate Asana with your personal calendar so you avoid overlaps.

The basic version is free!

Best for robust projects: Monday

Monday has been around for quite a while now. It's a great project management tool for remote teams, as it was designed to leverage workloads and designate tasks in an easier way.

The tool is very intuitive, you will find a dashboard with everything that's happening across multiple teams so you can visualize how the project is doing and take better decisions.

Monday allows team members to create tasks and assign them accordingly. Employee receive notifications with comments on their phones or desktop version. They can also transfer files with its drag-and-drop function.

With Monday you can track time, see reports, collaborate with multiple team members over cross functional teams. It currently has more than 100,000 companies as users.

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Best for social media: Airtable

The best way to describe Airtable is as a Spreadsheet on steroids. If you are looking for the best tool to manage a remote team of designers and social media marketers, then Airtable is your best choice.

It can be used in multiple ways, depending on your approach and project. You can create workspaces to organize projects like social media content, blog content, podcasts, email marketing etc.

The tool allows you to organize the project according to your needs, you can tag the person in charge, attach assets, add tags, hashtags, captions, deadlines, status and for social media, which type of post it is.

Best for small teams: Todoist

Todoist is a very intuitive tool to manage your remote online team and also your personal projects. This tool is great when you want to describe a step by step process or if you are working with a small team on very detailed tasks. Here you can add actions items and add subitems to create a step by step process per item.

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Best for visual people: Trello

This software is great for visual team members. Trello is the ultimate Kanban tools that will allow you to create boards to organize projects, assign tasks and set deadlines.

This is the best tool to keep things simple yet effective. On Trello, each board represent a project and each card represent tasks. As with the other tools, you can tag team members, attach files set deadlines, and tags. People often divide boards by To Do, Doing and Done. Yet you can divide boards the way you want.

Trello is rather basic compared to the other tools we've mentioned, but its advantage is that you will be able to visually see a project's goals and progress and identify which areas need work, so ultimately you can plan even several months ahead.

Best for creating an internal Wiki: Notion

Notion is a rising talent. This is an all-in-one intuitive software designed by Ivan Zhao so you can organize every single aspect of your project without relying on other softwares.

On Notion you can:

  • Take notes
  • Create content calendars
  • Assign tasks
  • Add photos, videos, links, audio, galleries
  • Edit blog just like any WordPress editor and preview how the content will look
  • Add pages inside a main page.
  • Create databases...etc.

Creative teams love this tool, as you can visually organize every single aspect of a creative process, assign tasks and once is done, notify the user and give feedback. All in the same place.



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Deepak Lalit

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