screening and vetting

We spend hours screening and qualifying candidates so you dont have to !

Every freelancer on our platform is screened with a background check, video interviews, and a comprehensive portfolio review and onboarding with us before being made available to you.

STEP 1 : Identify Talent

We source candidates from a variety of places including job boards, forums and niche marketing groups and communities. Once we identify the right talent, we invite the freelancers to apply by creating a profile and portfolio on the platform.

STEP 2 : Application and Portfolio Reviews

Once a freelancer application has been reviewed, a member of our team reviews the application and freelancer portfolio for authenticity and performs background checks on the freelancer.

STEP 3 : Video Interviews

At this stage, we invite the freelancers for Video interviews. We follow a structured format for these interviews to dig deeper into the candidate experience and background as well as their values.

STEP 4 : Profile Completion

At this stage, the Candidates complete their profile, including Profile Videos (or show reels) and integrated calendars. Throughout the whole vetting process, we evaluate the freelancers on their communication, attitude and professionalism.

STEP 5 : On-going review

Once a freelancer is on-boarded and working with our clients, we regularly check in with the employers and the freelancers to make sure that both the parties are satisfied. Our freelancers typically need a 100% positive rating in all their engagements to continue to be on the platform.

Our hiring process in numbers


Since inception, we have reviewed over 1400 Candidate profiles to select a team of superstar marketers


The size of our current Freelancer pool. This team has been selected from over 1400 applicants since our launch.


The average number of candidates that are reviewed for each candidate that is accepted on the platform.


Percentage of applicants that are ultimately accepted on our platform.